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Bragg Healthy Lifestyle

Body Purification, Toxicless Diet & Healing System 

By Paul Bragg and Patricia Bragg

Book Excerpt:

You are on Your Way to a Miracle!

We want you to thoroughly understand that the Toxicless Diet, Body Purification and Healing System is not made up of special diets for specific ailments. There are no special diets given. It is based on the simple principle that the body will naturally heal and maintain itself after the individual begins to follow The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle which eliminates the deeply buried toxic poisons, obstructions and encumbrances that have been accumulating in the body for years. If any drugs have been taken, residue of these chemicals will still be buried deep in the spongy organs and tissues of the body and must also be removed before they cause trouble.

During the time my father suffered from TB as a teenager he was given enormous amounts of powerful drugs. It took him many years to eliminate those drugs from his tissues through fasting and living closely to Mother Nature! He went through a number of healing crises in those years before he was totally free from those vicious drugs given to him. Read our book The Miracle of Fasting (see back pages for our booklist). It has inspired millions of Russians to live a healthy lifestyle it's been #1 in Russia for over 14 years now! This life-changing, humble book has altered the lives of millions worldwide from the Beach Boys, who over 30 years ago used our teachings to get off drugs and alcohol, to Dick Gregory, who went from an unhealthy 350 pounds to a lean, healthy 150 and has run 8 Boston Marathons!

The Toxicless Diet, Body Purification and Healing System goes directly to the root cause of your physical problem. The System has no interest in the symptomatic effect of an individual's ailments. Sadly, most people just want the symptoms of their problem alleviated rather than deal with the root cause of their ills. Please read our book, Build Powerful Nerve Force. We feel that everyone will benefit from this text. We believe that all physical problems are caused by an excessive accumulation of toxic waste and poisons from unhealthy foods in the pipes and organs of the body. We also believe only a combination of a healthy, natural diet and consistent fasting (1 day weekly) will flush these long-buried poisons out of the body.

We do not believe that physical problems are caused by tension, stresses or emotional upsets. A strong, clean and toxin-free body can beat most all health problems! Some people will say that all their problems are due to nerves. This is rubbish! Healthy nerves that are free of toxic poisons can meet any crisis that a human may face. Again, we stress that you read our book on how to Build Powerful Nerve Force. Many people with deep-seated physical problems want to blame everything on some outside agent. When you embark on this program you must first admit that you alone are responsible for your physical condition, and that you alone are solely responsible for improving yourself!

Only You and Mother Nature Can Cure Yourself!

Some people may have brought on their troubles because they were ignorant of the great Nutritional Laws of Life dictated by Mother Nature. Others realize that following The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle is the single most important factor in regaining and maintaining their health! But many will lack the inner strength to battle their false desires for unhealthy, refined, processed, sugared, dead foods and will continue to build up the poisons in their bodies with their unhealthy lifestyles!

Each individual must face the fact that only through their own daily constructive, healthful actions can they heal themselves! This is a cold, hard world! Everything in this life has a price! If you want Higher Supreme Health and wish to prolong your life, you must pay the price with dedicated, hard work! This means faithfully following a natural healthy diet and being consistent with your weekly 24 hour cleansing fast. We fast every Monday and the first 3 days of every month. Our fast days provide us with more leisure and free time as our body works at "cleaning house!" Try it, you will love it!

The energy and vitality of a young child can be yours at any age when you choose to follow Mother Nature's and God's Eternal Laws of Life. Following this System provides you with the vitality of youth, because youthfulness is Internal Purity! Total Health is not a matter of age, but it's a matter of Internal Perfection!

My father is heading towards a century, but he is physically younger than a fit man of 50! We do not live by calendar years. We live in biological years and this is what counts! How clean are your arteries and veins? How are your blood pressures? We both have blood pressures of 110 over 60. This is the blood pressure of a youngster! We both have a steady, strong pulse of 60. We have the eyes of eagles and ears that discern the lightest sounds. We are not interested in birthdays! We concentrate on living our Bragg Healthy Lifestyle which keeps us internally healthy and youthful!

You will reap the same benefits my father and I enjoy when you seriously follow the Toxicless Diet, Body Purification and Healing System! But you must be faithful every day and be the healthy captain of your life! This is not a fad diet most diets are "yo-yo" diets where your weight just goes up and down! The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle is something that becomes a part of you and your daily lifestyle and its not a diet per se but a lifelong lifestyle for super health and longevity!

We want you to live a long, healthy, happy and vigorous life! Decide that you want to feel strong and vigorous every day! Decide that you will banish your plague of aches, pains and tiredness! It's up to you! We pray nightly for our readers and new book friends to be guided down the righteous path of healthy living through these written words that never tire and can be with you night or day just for the reading!

The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Promotes Super Health and Longevity

The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle consists of eating a diet of 60% to 70% fresh, live, organically grown foods;

raw garden salads, vegetables, fresh fruits and juices; sprouts, raw seeds and nuts; 100% whole-grained breads, pastas, cereals and nutritious beans and legumes. These are the no cholesterol, no fat, no salt, "live foods" which combine to make up the body fuel that creates healthy, lively people. This is the reason people become revitalized and reborn into a fresh new life filled with joy, health, vitality, youthfulness and longevity! There are millions of healthy Bragg followers around the world proving that this lifestyle works!

Natural Health Laws for Physical Perfection

These Natural Laws that God put in motion are the perfect laws created for your own good:

You must eat natural foods. You must breathe deeply of God's air. You must exercise the 640 muscles of your body. You must give your body pure, clean water. You must give your body gentle sunshine. You must not overwork your body; this can lead to stress, tensions and nerve depletion. You must keep the body clean outside and inside. You must live by divine intelligence and wisdom.

We are creatures of a perfect Creator. Within us is the inherent potential to become physically perfect! It is the intent of our Creator for us to have a physically perfect, healthy, happy and peaceful life!

We have been able to discard all of the civilized world's heavy, refined and processed foods. We love our Bragg Healthy Lifestyle and all the nutritious, delicious, healthy foods. We continue to work daily on our individual internal purity to keep our bodies clean!

"One step is the beginning of a 10,000 mile journey."

You must decide to begin . . . then you, too, can start your Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Journey to Higher, Total Health for your Total Wellness!

Enjoy a Tireless Ageless Painless Body

Living The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle

Inactive old people are often unwanted by their families and society. Some become a burden to themselves and everyone they are around.

But do not despair in your golden years enjoy them! My dad, Paul C. Bragg, said life's second half is best and can be the most fruitful years. Linus Pauling, Grandma Moses and the amazing Mother Teresa, have all proven that! Three famous men Conrad Hilton, J.C. Penney and foot Doctor Scholl were all Bragg health followers and they lived strong, productive, active lives to almost 100. Countless others worldwide have lived long, healthy lives following The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle.

We teach you how to forget calendar years and to regain not only a youthful spirit, but much of the vigor of your youth. It's your duty to yourself to start to live The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle today don't procrastinate!

Square your shoulders and look life straight in the face. Keep premature ageing out of your body by following The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle System. You must eat foods that have a high rate of vibration (an abundance of raw, organic fruits and vegetables) and do a water fast one day a week. Also, do some Bragg Super Power Deep Breathing exercises, get 8 hours of restful sleep at night and keep your body relaxed. Don't let anything rob you of your emotional and nervous energy and precious Vital Force. Do read our Nerve Force book.

Your body is being made anew every day! Premature ageing and senility result from toxic debris that accumulates when you live an unhealthy lifestyle. Eat right, exercise for good circulation throughout your body, and there will be little or no buildup of toxins that will clog and prematurely age your body.

Cultivate and hold onto the spirit of youth and it will be yours! You can feel younger! You can look younger! Keep your spine straight to maintain high energy level. Do The Bragg Posture Exercise (page 110) and follow The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle daily and you'll see miracles!

If you find yourself already in the clutches of premature ageing, begin your fight for the return of your youthfulness. Start your crusade today to restore this priceless possession! We have faith in you! You can do it!

Train your body as an athlete would. Follow our clear, concise instructions and soon you will regain strength, virility, energy, vivacity and enthusiasm! Enjoy that most precious of all earthly gifts the power and joys of youthful, healthful living. Men and women can become more youthful no matter what their age! Go for it! You can retain the spirit of youth beyond the century mark, just like the Hunzas and Georgians of Russia are still doing!

Flushing the Toxic Poisons Out of Your Body

1.Eliminate the toxic foods of civilization from your diet forever! See page 23 for the foods to avoid list. 2.Complete a water-only 24 hour fast every 7 days. Our book The Miracle of Fasting has the information you need to know on this tremendous subject. Not only extend your life, but save 15% off your annual food bill! Read pages 85-100 for more fasting information. 3.Eliminate breakfast. If this proves too difficult, have only fruit juice and/or fresh organic fruit, perhaps with some raw wheat germ and honey or try our Bragg Healthy Pep Drink. Some people are so habit-bound to a big breakfast that it takes a little time to eliminate this unimportant meal. If you still feel you need more in your stomach in the morning, try a dish of whole grain cereal or an egg with a few slices of whole grain toast. But always remember that this is the most useless and energy-robbing meal of the day!

Every morning upon rising have your Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Cocktail. Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (with the "Mother") with an equal amount of raw honey in a glass of distilled water (diabetics should omit the honey). Please read our book Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle Health System for more insight into this miracle health tonic.

When you give up breakfast you will be thrilled and have all the more Super Energy to enjoy! In our personal lives, my father and I do most of our creative work in the morning. And when it's time for our daily physical activity such as hiking, swimming, tennis or some other sport we are still filled with vital strength. Remember, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to digest a heavy breakfast. You cannot put your energy in two arenas at once, into both food and activity. People often wonder why we accomplish so much between 6 a.m. and noon. It is because we have not dissipated our Vital Force on a big breakfast. Our daily Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail, whole or juiced fruit or the Bragg Healthy Pep Drink is all we ever need and we both have inexhaustible super energy!



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