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The Miracle of Fasting book by Paul Bragg
The Miracle of Fasting

by Paul C. Bragg

Excerpt from the book:

The Greatest Discovery of Modern Times

In my opinion, the greatest discovery by modern man is the power to rejuvenate himself physically, mentally, and spiritually with RATIONAL FASTING. With scientific fasting, man can create within himself a quality of agelessness. With fasting, man may check premature aging.

The dread of "Growing Old" and becoming a burden to himself and others is one of man's greatest fears. The fear of being senile, helpless, and unable to care for one's self is deep in every thinking person's heart. With the complete knowledge of Fasting as outlined in this course of instruction, you can banish all your fears of premature aging. With a 24 hour complete water fast weekly, making 52 days a year of body purification and at least three 7 to 10 day fasts yearly, you can keep the rust and cinders from your movable joints and muscles. You must bear in mind it is the debris of metabolism (biological process of converting food into living matter, and the matter into energy) that brings on many of your physical miseries and premature aging.

When the "Vital force" of your Body drops below normal, then all your physical problems as well as your mental ones begin.

"Fasting Conserves Your Vital Force"

Let me explain. We eat food and, as it passes through the body, it must be masticated, digested, assimilated and then the waste is eliminated. We have four great organs of elimination: the bowels, the kidneys, the lungs, and the skin. In order for these eliminative organs to work perfectly, the body must build a high "Vital Force" or energy quota.

It Takes Energy To Eliminate Body Wastes. It takes a tremendous amount of "Vital Energy" to pass a large meal through the gastrointestinal tract, the thirty foot tube that runs from the mouth to the rectum. It takes the great power of "Vital Energy" to pass liquids through the 2 million filters of the human kidneys. It takes "Vital Power" for the chemical power of the liver and the gall bladder to do their work in preparing food for the billions of body cells to feed upon. It takes great "Vital Power" for the lungs to bring in oxygen to purify the whole 5 to 8 quarts of blood in your body, and expel carbon dioxide. It takes great "Vital Power" for the skin, with its 96 million pores, to throw off body poisons in the form of moisture and sweat.

We Live in a Poisoned World

It is the duty of the "Vital Power" to supply the energy to rid the body of the poisons that are created in our intake of food. The "Vital Power" must keep the body temperature at 98. 6 degrees at all times. If it goes higher, we become sick. If we fall below this figure, we become sick. In our modern civilization, the "Vital Power" has many other poisons to cope with; the filth and dirt that man creates.

The Big Filthy Sewer in the Sky Above Us

We are bombarded with noxious and harmful, filthy, dirt from our skies. Take New York City as an example. Roughly 60 tons of airborne dust particles fall on each square mile every month .Think of the sky dirt the body must battle with to keep a person in New York alive. No wonder there are so many hospitals and sick people in that poisoned city.

Scientists estimate that an inhabitant of an industrial city such as Pittsburgh or Birmingham, Ala., stands a better than average chance of contracting a deadly lung disease or suffering from heart trouble, just by breathing polluted air. That special form of poisoned air known as smog regularly affects not only Los Angeles, but Phoenix, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Washington, and many other cities and towns across the nation.

A grim mixture of soot and smoke from factories, incinerators, and heating plants; the gaseous by products of industry; and the exhaust fumes of cars and trucks are making an ugly mess out of most of the air Americans breathe. Air pollution is a real menace to our health and life. And fasting is our only salvation in helping to get these filthy poisons out of our body!

Further on in this book, I will explain how to examine your urine. After a few days of fasting, you will actually be able to see some of the poisons your body contained.Poisoning from Chemical Sprays

Tons upon tons of all kinds of deadly sprays are not only sprayed in the air to kill insects, but many more tons are sprayed on our sick fruits and vegetables. Salads are healthy and appetizing, but often are deadly because of the use of insecticide sprays. This year's crop of fruit and vegetables are exposed to more poisonous pesticide chemicals than ever before. You should constantly be on guard to protect your health.

Beware of that salad. It may fill your body with deadly poisons. A group of women were having lunch at a Miami hotel, and shortly afterwards, they were all seized with an attack of cramps. Then, nausea and dizziness followed. Pale and shaken from vomiting, the women were prostrate, until medical aid arrived.

It didn't take the physician long to trace the source of this outbreak of acute poisoning. The villain was an appetizing green salad, consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, and a touch of dressing. In giving his reasons for the illness, the doctor said: The poisoning was caused by an overdose of DDT, and other sprays on the salad vegetables."

Crops Exposed to Poison

More and more poisonous pesticide chemicals are being put on our food. As early as March, the Food and Drug Administration announced: "Three seizures were made of salad vegetables contaminated with excess residues of pesticide chemicals. Two shipments of endive were charged to exceed the legal tolerance of parathion (one of the most deadly poisons in use). A shipment of lettuce was seized because of high residues of DDT."

Three shipments were seized, but this doesn't tell the whole sad story of food poisoning First of all, only shipments destined for interstate commerce are checked, and only a small fraction of the total produce ever comes under the scrutiny of an inspector. Many tons and truckloads of lettuce containing pesticide residues "in excess of legal tolerance" will stay within the state or community where grown. They will not be checked at all. And as far as shipments across state lines are concerned, the Food and Drug Administration will be first to admit that, because of limited manpower, only a tiny fraction of the vegetable shipments in interstate commerce are checked.

Some students drink deeply at the fountain of knowledge. Others only gargle.

The frightening truth is that a high percentage of the field crops reaching your salad bowl and your vegetable juicer have been sprayed with a wide variety of deadly poisons; among them, chlorinated hydrocarbons including DDT, phosphorous compounds, and a number of weed killers. The contamination of salad vegetables doesn't stop with spraying the leafy portion of the plant. Medical researchers have discovered that DDT and other agricultural chemicals, such as fertilizers, applied to the soil remain there for many months, and are picked up constantly by succeeding crops grown in the fields. The poison finally ends up in the pulp of the vegetable itself. It is part of it and cannot be washed off. I suppose it has occurred to you that, if the vegetables in your salad are contaminated, you should make some effort to get rid of the residue before you eat too much of it. You might feel that peeling the skin of a tomato or removing the outer layer of the lettuce will do the job. It won't. Some of the residue will be removed, certainly, but there will be more in lower leaves, and in the pulp. The chemicals cannot even be broken down by cooking. The poison is there to stay.

Fasting Aids in Flushing Deadly Poisons from the Body

When we fast - stop eating - all the "Vital Power" that has been used to convert food into energy and body tissue, is now used to flush poisons from the body. In my own personal life, for instance, I travel all over the United States and the entire world, lecturing. I am fortunate in knowing health minded people throughout the world. So am usually well supplied with home grown, organically grown fruits and vegetables from their small gardens. But I am often forced to eat the food I find wherever I am. I know most of it has been sprayed with deadly poisons. That is the reason I fast one complete 24 to 36 hour period of each week, as well as doing four 10 day fasting periods per year.

W>en I go on a 10 day complete water fast, I take a specimen of my urine each day the first thing upon arising> I put >> in a small bottle and let it cool and settl>. In a few days I can see lit>le crystals forming in the urine. I h>ve had my urine examined for chemicals, and the examiner has told me time and time again that traces of DDT, and other deadly pesticide residues, appeared in my urine. On one occasion I took a 21 day complete fast. On the 19th day, I had terrible pains in my bladder. When I urinated it felt like red hot water passing through me. I had the urine examined and sure enough it was filled with DDT and other pesticide poisons.

A great feeling of energy flowed over my body when this poison passed out of it. The whites of my eyes were as clear as new snow. My body took on a pink glow and energy surged through my body. Now, remember I had been fasting for 19 days. Yet, I drove over to Pasadena, California, to Mt. Wilson, which is six thousand feet high, and climbed the trail with absolutely no exertion. I ran most of the way down the winding trail. I felt that a tremendous burden had been lifted from my body. In my personal opinion, fasting is the only way to rid the body of commercial poisons found in our fruits and vegetables.


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