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Interview with Fouad "Raw Courage" Dini Co-Author of Nature's First Law: The Raw Food Diet.

1) You have written a book entitled Nature’s First Law: The Raw Food Diet. What, in general, is the book about?

Well, Nature’s First Law is raw. The book is about the raw food diet. We thoroughly discuss the principles of natural nutrition and we make our point very clear with statements like “Cooked food is poison!”

2) What is wrong with cooked food?

The question should be what’s right about it!? In the final analysis everything is wrong with cooked food.

3) Don’t you eat anything that is cooked? How is that possible? How do you do it?

Actually, in all reality, everything I eat is cooked. Remember it takes a good eight months or so for this earthly rotisserie oven we’re on to cook an orange. I love saying, “Life is cooked already!” The sun is the first cook. What everyone sits down to eat at the family dinner table is food that’s actually been cooked twice. What they are eating is approaching ashes. And to answer the question, eating all raw is easy. When was the last time you’ve eaten a melon? They’re so good it’s a joke how good it is.

4) Haven’t humans adapted to cooked food?

Well... yeah! If that’s what you want to call it. Look around, everywhere you go everyone you see is diseased. I see cooked food poisoning on every face. We’re designed raw not cooked. That won’t change.

5) But I feel healthy right now, why do I need to get into a raw food diet?

Because if you’re eating cooked food you’re not healthy no matter how you think you feel. There’s no comparison between a cooked existence and a raw existence. I promise you that. Whoever you are and however “healthy” you are the difference when you go raw is staggering. And if you ask me if I’m healthy I’ll have to say no. I’m healthier for sure but when you go raw you’ll soon realize there are no limits to how healthy you can be.

6) What is a raw-food diet?

I like referring to it as natural nutrition. If you could speak to a giraffe it would tell you all about the leaves from the tall trees and how wonderful they are. A killer whale would tell you seal tastes best. If your palate is healthy you’d be saying perfectly ripe fruit is the most succulent and delicious -- that is unless you were a newborn -- then you’d say mom tastes best!

7) Why would anyone want to follow such a diet?

The only reason someone wouldn’t want to is because they’re too addicted, polluted and diseased to think logically and assess the situation. The raw food diet adds an easy forty vital years to any ones life no matter what the conditions are.

8) You use the terms raw-foodism and fruitarian interchangeably. Do they mean the same thing?

No, humans just happen to be biological frugivores so we use that denomination often. Remember.. everything is food to something. Even rocks are edible!

9) What about meat? Do you eat raw meat?

LOL! (Laugh Out Loud) I can’t even fathom such a thing. There’s a book on the subject but I wouldn’t recommend reading it! My dogs came home with a chicken today. It was all blood spattered and feathery gross. Poor thing was running around a minute or two ago. They had the guts ripped out and I looked at it and I saw uncooked breast of chicken! Revelation!! I was a cook by profession and by pastime and I’ve handled uncooked breast of chicken thousands of times before but I never knew where it came from. I mean I knew but I didn’t really know. My dogs loved crunching down on it’s head and shoving their faces into it! Yuck. They were so happy with themselves. It was a wild chicken and they killed it with their own body’s and it’s raw and organic and they’re designed for such a thing so they can have it. I say if you’re gonna eat chicken or cow or whatever you might as well go all the way and barbecue it with olive oil, garlic and pepper. The flesh of fruit is our collective human nature not the flesh of dead animal carcass.

10) What are your credentials in the field of nutrition?

Besides the simple fact I’ve written the best book on the subject of nutrition - ever - I’ve lost 150 pounds my way. If you want to be successful study success. So what happens when you study failure? Cooked nutritionists and cooked health practitioners are all dismal failures.

11) You seem to be in good spirits and in great health. How much of that would you attribute to diet?

Most of it. What you put into your body is the foundation. A great tan and exercise goes a long way not to mention every other positive discipline you include in your life.

12) How did you get into this raw-food way of life?


13) What about steaming vegetables?

One of my favorite questions! Plant a carrot that’s been sitting in your refrigerator. Water it and watch it. The carrot has a chance to grow because the carrot is alive but once you cook the carrot in any way -- steam it, stir fry it, boil it, bake it, dehydrate it, microwave it -- once it’s cooked it’s no longer alive. A cooked carrot can never grow. As the Power Juiceman, Jay Kordich, say’s, “Live food live body. Dead food dead body.” Steamed vegetables are inorganic sulfur deposits, devoid of any life giving properties. Steamed vegetables do not feed the living cells that make up you body. They are not nourishment they are poison.

Now remember a carrot isn’t a fruit! I’ve done my share of carrot juice and carrot salads and I’m apt to do more but carrot isn’t watermelon. Even though I’m the “Raw Courage Vegetable Man” I speak of fruit not vegies. For instance, have you ever seen a full grown broccoli plant? It’s gorgeous and radiant and unlike the brocolli we’re all used to. Be cute eat fruit!

14) What do you do for protein?

I get this question shoved in my face the most. I even get it from vegetarian and vegans! I know everyone asks it in their own turn but I’ve heard it asked too many times to play nice with it. What do I do for protein? I breathe air. What do you do for protein?

15) But isn’t this diet too hard for the average person?

The only hard thing about the raw food diet is not eating cooked food. Eating raw is easy because it all tastes so good! But we’ve been fed cooked food since day one. That’s the tough one. People who don’t get off their cooked food addictions lead a sorry excuse for a life and die diseased. It’s that simple.

16) How long have you been on a raw food diet?

Unfortunately only a few years. I’m thirty one right now and I found out about the whole thing when I was 27. Let me make it clear to everyone I was in really bad shape. I’d be like my brother...dead at 29.

17) Do you think your philosophy is too extreme?

My philosophy? I didn’t make it up and no, eating all raw is not extreme at all. There’s a baby born with birth defects every minute. I wouldn’t say I’m extreme no.

18) But isn’t this diet primitive?

Actually it’s older than that. “Primal” I call it. Primitive calls up images of African tribes with their spears, floppy breasts, war paint and gruesome self-mutilations. And it calls up an image of the cave dwelling age. Eating all raw goes way back, before human domestication.

19) Like myself, I know that you are very concerned about environmental issues. Do you feel that diet is related to environmental issues?

Absolutely. After I eat I throw away orange peels. I’m not throwing away plastic wrappers and tin cans! I remember back in grade school I was made aware of the pollution problem and I grew concerned about it but I didn’t know the first thing about doing something about it. I didn’t know it was an internal thing not an external problem. I soon shrugged my shoulders and forgot all about it as I was eating a hot dog, bag of chips, and a soda. Now I’m one of the foremost environmental experts on the planet.

20) How different of a world do you think we’d see if everybody ate raw?

If everyone went raw we’d all be living in Raw Courage World! We would all see the immediate end of all addiction, pollution and disease. That’s a profouad question. I liked that one!

21) How much technology, ect. do you attribute to an unnatural/toxic cooked food diet?

All of it. I’d love leaving it at that but I’ll elaborate. Everything alive on the planet is equipped with everything it needs to thrive on this planet. We don’t need artificial things to help us along. Knives are our nails, forks and spoons are our hands and fingers, plates and bowls are the fruits themselves, food processors and juicers are our teeth and digestive systems and there’s no need for toilet paper when your diet is pure! And who needs a shovel and a garden when you’re spreading seeds everywhere? I have a full beard and head of hair, I don’t need a pillow and so on. You complete the list. Use your imagination. No matter what science and technology doesn’t improve the enjoyment of our lives. That’s Natural Philosophy.

22) How would you describe the connection between diet and violence?

Stick your hand into a raging fire place. What kind of violence is going on then? I would say the connection between cooked food and diet to be about the same.

23) What is your position on spirulina and blue green algae?

Turns your teeth and gums green for a while.

24) What kind of water do you drink? Or do you?

I mostly eat juicy fruits so I’m not usually thirsty for plain water. Besides I don’t normally trust the quality of just plain water. I’d love to be able to drink pure snow water and rainwater and water runoff if I could and I love the taste of ocean water! In my upcoming book called Good Mood Food I’ve included a section on ocean recipes which is quite unique. And tasty! But normally I drink coconut water or I eat oranges. Watermelon is my absolute favorite water of them all!

25) The truth that you touched on in your book that really impressed me was that people reproduce so much because the body knows it’s dying...

Can’t find that in your average book now can you! So, what you have to do is extend the reproductive years out further. I’ve heard people say things like, “It’s not fair to the child that she is having a baby at her age.” Not fair?! That’s an example of cooked thinking. The greatest gift of all is Life. Feeding children cooked food is the only thing that’s not fair.

26) How do you address that women who go on a raw or fruitarian diet usually lose their menstruation? I have read that it is because the woman’s period is, in reality, a release of toxins.

When my lover first went raw she stopped bleeding for 5 or 6 months during the time she was losing weight. Then she started bleeding again after breaking down to a little cooked food like braggs, balsalmic vinegar, and salt. She bled until she did a 9 day fast that was mostly dry (small amounts of water). She says the body is struggling for purity -- reproduction and all. She says she and all the girls were taken away in 5th grade to a special class to learn all about menstruation. There’s a hint right there! Do they do that in all the schools and if so where were all of us boys when that’s happening, playing basketball? I say... men fart and women bleed. We have different ways of handling inner turmoil. How absolute that is is questionable for sure but it seems to fit! So much is a mystery... I wonder why that’s so. Everyone should read a book written by Diane Olive called Think Before You Eat. She has great stuff to say on that and other subjects. She says it all depends on body weight cooked or not.

28) Is juicing okay?

In this day and age?! Whatever you can do to go raw. Juicing is a great gimmick! I call it massive raw foods action! Watch for me on Jay Kordich, The Power Juiceman’s info-commercial! I can be seen on tv several times a day throughout north America! My testimonial for juicing comes after Tony Robbins endorsement. I’m the Juicemans “heavy hitter” with a wholloping 130 pound weight loss -- which is now a 150 pound weight loss! I weigh about 150 pounds now which means I lost half my body weight. You may very well outgrow juices but I say juicing is great!

29) But how do you survive cold weather without warm food and drink?

If a duck can do it I can do it! The fact of the matter is the less you eat and the fewer clothes you wear the warmer you’ll be. Sounds strange but it’s true never-the-less.

30) Besides your book, Nature’s First Law: The Raw Food Diet, what other products does your organization distribute? And how can someone order your book or get in touch with your organization?

Our catalog is the best in the world! It’s got the best of the best and it’s like a child -- grows bigger everyday. You can call us at 800-205-2350 or you can check out our web site which is what else?

31) Thanks RC for taking time out to answer all these questions.

Thank you. In closing I’d like to tell everybody out there to go plum crazy, go banana’s, go coconuts! People say, “Go to hell.” I say, “Go to health!” This is Raw Courage wishing all the very best.


Readings for the Super Abundant by Fouad “Raw Courage” Dini

It’s time I think in all our lives to just cut the crap! No more doubts, no more fears, no more guilt and no more excuses. Just plain and simple -- no holds barred -- massive action. Nature awards action -- you remember that.

None of us are children anymore. We’re all adults so we don’t need role models to show us the way. Stop looking around to see what everybody else is doing. If you want things to change YOU have to change. If you want things to improve YOU have to improve.

Take the necessary first steps and never stop walking. Continuous motion... hup two three four. Say it faster... hup-two-three-four-hup-two-three-four. Outlive and Outdo Everybody! Commit to this purpose and never lose sight of it. From this day on your purpose is to be the best. Strive to be the best -- always.

When you’ve developed yourself to the point of total self-confidence your world will be different. The rest of the world will be the same but you’ll be different. Unshakeable self-confidence is one of the greatest of all feeling to have. It’s a natural high and what’s nice about a natural high is you can’t overdose and there is no low! Unshakeable self-confidence. Courage of such magnitude bestows upon the bearer an omnipotence that can save the world. And look around because what was once Paradise has been turned into a world of survival horror. The world needs saving and to do that we must save ourselves.

I am Raw Courage. I am bound by my passionate moral and ethical codes and I can do nothing else. I must advocate the principles of natural nutrition and lifestyle. I have no choice but to do what I do. The fate of the Earth’s future generations is in my hands. I now put this rawesome responsibility in your hands. This what YOU must do.

Star Light. Fresh Air. Pure Water. Raw Food. Loving Touch. Playful Activity. Sleep.

Star Light. I’ll say it point blank... Dude, you’ve got to go nude! Clothing is disease. Clothing is neglect. Clothing is weakness. Clothing is unnatural. Nudity is health. Nudity is strength. Nudity is power. Nudity is natural. Come to realize the human animal is 100% solar powered and should never have been clothed -- ever. Don’t underestimate skin! Every human on the planet should be able to thrive 15 hours of everyday in direct sunlight. If you want shade there’s plenty of time for that at night. Heat up during the day and cool down under the auspices of starlight. The night sky sharpens the senses and heightens awareness. Take off your clothing addiction, get out of your artificial cave and get outside!

Fresh Air. Civilization stinks of rot and pollution. Everybody knows the routine. Car exhaust, industrial smoke stacks, acid rain, the whole bit. And to top it all off people smoke! That’s got to stop. Reality check -- lungs are designed for fresh air not for toxic pollution and smog. Do what you like, live where you want, just understand...only when your respiratory system functions at peak efficiency can you maximize your potential by performing your best. Remember... it is the lungs and not the heart (as popularly perceived) that pumps your living machine.

Pure Water. One of the special things about living on Maui is the abundance of pure water. Fresh water waterfalls and pools and open ocean galore! So much of it the waters can still be considered safe. The cooked food world hasn’t been able to contaminate all of it yet. In San Diego, where I call home, no water source can be considered safe. And if matters weren’t bad enough Tijuana, Mexico, where the conditions are truly disgusting, is right next door. Pure water is pure luxury nowadays and I won’t take it for granted here on the Hawaiian island for an instant.

Raw Food. The ticket to your greatness and satisfaction is to decrease the amount of cooked food in your diet (until none) by increasing the amount of raw food. Decrease cooked -- increase raw. That is a success strategy that has no equal. Don’t fool yourself -- the raw food diet is the ultimate success strategy. Keep in mind every creature from the beginning of life on Earth has eaten a 100% raw food diet. There is no danger eating organically grown whole foods and it doesn’t matter who you are or what condition you’re in. When was the last time you ate a whole cantaloupe or two or three or four? This is what I’m talking about. Massive action. Melons are the best! Pow it down. All perfect fruit is the best and it’s just food. That’s all it is. Cooked food is the poison, so don’t be afraid of fruit! Fruit starves all disease and is what your body was specifically designed for. You are a biological frugivore. Be cute eat fruit!

Loving Touch. To take a quote from Hygeia Halfmoon’s book, Primal Mothering, “The human animal is a continuous contact species.” That means if you’re not in direct contact with others all the time (skin to skin) you’re not living to outdo everybody. You’re not living up to your potential and your not trying to be your best. Children should be in your constant everyday life. No moment of your life should lack loving touch. Continuous contact species. That means all the time. You should be siblings, cousines, great uncles, great great aunts, great great great grandmothers, great great great great great grandsons and so forth. Reminesne back through your life and gauge where you are compared to the standard of constant loving touch. Clothing interfering with skin to skin contact, your own room and bed to sleep in, kids off to school, parents off to work, and family across the country. All that is out. How much quality - “A # 1 quality” - contact you give and get in your everyday life decides how you well live and how ill you die. Your health destiny resides on this pivotal point.

Playful Activities. Yoga is fun! Do yoga every day! What ever you can do. Walking is fun! Go walking every day. What ever you can do. Swimming is fun! Go swimming every day. Holding your breath under water and farting underwater is fun! Children are fun! Grandparents are fun! Friends are fun! Dreaming is fun! Kisses are fun! Foot massages are fun! Butt massages are even more fun! Working is fun! Reading is fun! Learning is fun! Sunbathing is fun! Sex is fun! Poohing is fun! Exploring is fun! Dancing is fun! Foraging fruit is fun! I love finding fruit and eating it right there on the spot. Life is fun! Live life every day! Get out there and play, already!

Sleep. Rest and dry-fast. When you’re asleep you’re hardly doing anything -- all you do is lay still and breathe. Eyes closed and unconscious. That’s rejuvenation for you. Sleep is the ultimate rejuvenator. How beautiful it is to rest and do nothing afterwards! The morning stretch and yawn feels so good! Night frights and other forms of restless sleeps are caused by toxic conditions inside and outside of you. Night time detoxification. Go to sleep on an empty stomach. Make sure you’re surrounded by living things -- people for comfort - plants for oxygen-- and you’re guaranteed to wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to go! Keep the windows open or better yet... sleep outside for a nice comfy breeze. Sleep is one of the key ingredients for good health! If your body wants to sleep in then sleep in. That’s simple logic that eludes some people. If you need rest your body will tell you by being tired. Health isn’t rocket science folks. It’s kind-a like if your skin itches then you should itch it! Not scratching an itch is insanity! Your body is telling you to itch! There’s a primal pleasure doing what Nature tells you to do. Everyone dry-fasts every single night. It’s called sleeping! Dry-fast during the day too. Get rid of your water-fat flesh. Stale stagnant internal fluids are no good. Don’t eat, don’t drink, rest and sleep! If you can’t just fall asleep: get up and do something then. Probably the moon is full and your insomnia is natural. Perhaps you should be howling with the wolves. Or if your insomnia is unnatural try staring at the pitch black dark with your eyes wide open for fifteen minutes. Stare at the darkness hard for a while. That’ll put you to sleep!

Conclusion. Ask yourself this very intelligent question. Is the best you can do all you can do? Ask yourself right now... “Is the best I can do all I can do?” Did you ask yourself? Did you get an answer? This concept is huge. It’s the most motivating concept I’ve ever come upon. Is the best you can do all you can do? The answer is “NO!” You can do much much more. Okay okay... let’s say you saw me do push-ups and after I did ten I collapsed. You saw my arms wobble and strain on the eighth, ninth, and tenth push-ups. I collapsed! I’m not faking it. Ten push-ups was my best. But if I wait ten minutes I could probably do ten more! If I kept that up -- soon my best is a hundred push-ups! And it’s a miracle I tell you... OUTLIVE AND OUTDO EVERYBODY! If you walk two miles everyday walk four instead. That type of thing There’s always more stuff to learn but go back over all the stuff I talked about. Know -- that no matter what -- you did your best today. What ever it is you did today was the best you could have done -- today. But ask yourself, “Did I do all that I could have done? No. You could have done more.

This is Raw Courage saying... “Be cute eat fruit!” “Have a fun filled fruit filled day!” “Cooked food is poison. Raw is Nature’s First Law!” “No one minds stepping on rabbit and squirrel poohs but slide out in dog shit and you’re really bummed!” “Everything is so simple, it is so obvious. Give your children fruit and you feed them for a day. Teach your children how to grow a garden and you feed them for a lifetime!” “It is very difficult to explain something of this majesty and glory to indoctrinated and closed minds.” “We’re not human beings we’re human “be comings” because we’re becoming someone new and different every day!” “Is the truth so hard to swallow? It shouldn’t be. Just take a handful of watermelon and shove it into your face!” You don’t become a raw-foodist, you already are one -- it’s not some diet you follow, it is something you are.” “Flimsy slice of bread.” “What kind of ignorance leads one to put a dead piece of animal muscle (steak) on a black eye?” “Success leaves clues, so does failure.” “Whether a thought is spoken or not it is a real thing and has powers of reality.” “Absolute Truth!” “That question is Moot!” “A thing that others can do I must do.” “I am no longer afraid, I am aware now.” “Serendipity: An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by chance.” “Julie Christy is the readaughter for the seadaughter!” “The ignorant believe in the literal truth of something that has been wholly fabricated.” “The more productive you are the more productive you are.” “When you go total nature it all makes sense.” ”Nothing like a Raw Experience!” “Fun-In-The-Sun!” “If it’s not raw it’s not healthy it’s that simple.” “Be safe -- nobody gets hurt.“ “Barehanded-mono-seasonal-fruitarianism.” “Where are you going, what are you doing, what’s going on?” “When you mess with the best you lose like the rest.” “So good it’s a joke how good it is!” Don’t be afraid of fruit -- they’re not scary.” “Fruitarianism: the ultimate compassionate diet -- you’re not killing anything.” “How does raw sex taste? Damn good!” “Outlive and Outdo Everybody!” “Eat Right, Feel Good, Look Great!” “Stop trying to make a living and make a difference, because when you make a difference in peoples lives you make a fortune!” “Fear the tan line!” “Cooked food is SOOO stupid!” And finally, “Out of the void you are hurled into the star lit majesty of Raw Courage World.”


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