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Interview With A Raw-Food Bodybuilder Raw Power!
Interviewed by: Fred Patenaude

>-Stephen, you have a new book out entitled "Raw Power!", which is said to be >the only book about building strength and muscles naturally. What is the >general idea behind the book?

"Raw Power!" is about how to have the exact body that you've always desired - a beautifully fit, strong, healthy, and vibrant body. Now, most of your magazine readers already know that a raw-food diet is the natural way to eat, but some people have difficulty with building strength & gaining healthy weight. This book is designed to help the reader reach the next level, to surpass the negativity, and to build a body filled with super-strength and energy! This book is about attaining a level of health that is our absolute birthright -- Paradise Health. It is about: eating a 100% natural diet, true natural body-building, and total fitness. The only way to build your body naturally is through eating naturally.

>-So you think it's possible to get stronger on a raw food diet?

(Laughing) Why don't we ask a gorilla that question! A gorilla has the strength equivalent to benchpressing 4,000 pounds -- that's 40 times stronger than the average man. What does the gorilla eat? 100% raw plant foods. It's just common sense -- all the largest and strongest mammals on Earth are 100% raw plant eaters -- the gorilla, the elephant, the hippopotamus, the giraffe, the rhinoceros, the horse, the bull, the buffalo, and so on, are all 100% raw plant eaters!

>-Are you personally stronger now than when you were a cooked-food eater?

Yes, much more so. It's not even remotely comparable. When I went all-raw, I unleashed an inner-strength that I never knew I had. I have been into weight-lifting since I was 14; I wish I would have known about the power of raw foods back then! In addition to the massive strength increase, I find that I need little or no rest between sets of exercises now. Went I first went all-raw, I went through a mild detoxification and I shed 51 unwanted, unhealthy pounds (238 to 187 -- I'm 6'2") and have since then gained back 30 pounds of healthy, solid muscle through the unique training work-outs and 100% raw-plant-food diet outlined in "Raw Power!"

>-Does the raw-food eater have an advantage over the cooked-food eater in terms
>of building muscles?

An immeasurable advantage. Building a body with cooked-food nutrition is similar to blowing up a balloon; sooner or later the balloon will deflate. Muscles "blown up" with cooked food and other unnatural substances will eventually atrophy and "deflate." Most fitness experts and body-builders atrophy and wear down pre-maturely. Muscles built on raw-food nutrition last much longer, because they are naturally built. I compare building your body with cooked food to building a brick wall without any mortar. There's no foundation there.

>-Does your book appeal to the body-builders only?

Raw Power! appeals to anyone with a desire to better themselves mentally and physically. All the other books on diet and fitness, or diet and body-building, are wrong. Cooked food does not build a body; cooked food destroys a body in the long-run. "Raw Power!" appeals to everybody, whether you want to look like a raw version of Arnold Schwarzeneggar or you just want a slim, muscular body capable of endless energy and stamina.

>-Is The Raw-Food Diet for everyone?

Every living organism on planet Earth is a 100% raw-food eater; not 99%, not 70%, not 50% -- 100%! There are trillions of organisms and creatures on this planet that are thriving and living virtually disease-free eating 100% raw foods. There is only one organism that tampers with its food -- the human organism. Trillions to one! Those are staggering odds. That would make the likelihood that we should be eating cooked food about 100,000 times more improbable than winning the lottery. You don't want to bet against those kind of odds.

>-Why do most raw fooders seem to have problems keeping up their strength and >weight?

Well, first and foremost, a lot of people that get into the raw-food diet in the first place seem to come from a life of sickness and hypochondriacal behavior. So, with that type of mentality, it's only natural that they fail at achieving their goal health and physique. People must conclusively decide that they want to gain strength and weight and make it their number one priority. People want a quick fix, they want to gain weight and muscle now, today, yesterday! There is no magic pill...only a magic process. The power of mind is incredible. If you truly know in your mind that you can accomplish a goal, you can do it; if you think you can't build strength and muscle, then you can't.

>-What is your current diet like?

I currently eat, by weight, about 70% raw, organic fruit, 25% raw, organic, green-leafy vegetables, and 5% raw, organic nuts and sunflower seeds. Note that I'm using the botanical definition of a fruit which is: A fruit is something that contains the seeds within itself for regeneration of the plant. Avocado, tomato, cucumber, squash, pepper, etc. are all botanical fruits.

>-How is it possible to get the "Raw Power!" book?

You can order it through any bookstore, but the easiest and fastest way to get it is by calling 1-800-205-2350. We'll send it to you the same day you call. Visit to order online.


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